Webinar Series on  Nonlinear  DifferentialProblems

Webinar Series on  Nonlinear  DifferentialProblems

Organizers:  G.Bonanno, P. Candito, G.D’Aguì,

R. Livrea, S.A.  Marano

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This event, which will be held during the period January 2021 –  June  2021, is organized in the contest of the project PRIN 2017- Progetti di Ricerca di rilevante Interesse Nazionale, ”Nonlinear Differential Problems via Variational, Topological and Set-valued Methods” (2017AYM8XW). The main purposes of this project are various and hold different research fields of mathematical analysis, as ordinary differential equations, elliptic partial differential equations, calculus of variations, set-valued analysis, etc., all addressed, however, to the study of nonlinear differential problems.

The event will be held via ZOOM platform and further details will be given soon.

Registration is not necessary.

For each session, a few hours before the beginning, the ZOOM link will be available on the page dedicated to the program.

The event will start  on January 15  at 4:00  p.m  CET (convert to your time zone here) and,  each webinar will take place  weekly following the calendar below.

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The video of the  webinars are available on our YouTube channel

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