Mese: Novembre 2020

A.Chinnì, B.DiBella, P.Jebelean, C.Serban, (MJM)2021

Periodic solutions for systems with p-relativistic operator and unbounded discontinuous nonlinearities Antonia CHINNI∗, Beatrice Di BELLA† Department of Engineering, University of MessinaContrada di Dio, S. Agata, 98166 Messina, ItalyPetru JEBELEAN‡ and C ̆alin S ̧ERBAN§ Department of Mathematics, West University of Timi ̧soara Blvd. V. Pˆarvan, no. 4, 300223 Timi ̧soara, Romania

A.Chinnì,A.Sciammetta,E.Tornatore, (MTA) 2021

A.Chinnì,A.Sciammetta,E.Tornatore,On the Sub-Supersolution Approach for Dirichlet Problems driven by a (p(x),q(x))-Laplacian Operator with Convection Term (MTA) 2021 ON THE SUB-SUPERSOLUTION APPROACH FOR DIRICHLET PROBLEM DRIVEN BY (p(x),q(x))-LAPLACIAN OPERATOR WITH CONVECTION TERM A. CHINN`I, A. SCIAMMETTA AND E. TORNATORE